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      Hammer Sports Camp

      Example of weekly itinerary

      This is our weekly itinerary for summer 2022. This summer will be very similar.

       We are so excited to start our annual Hammer Sports Camp on Monday July 3rd. Please drop your camper(s) off at 9:00 am(8:00 if early drop off) at the office trailers.
      Please find a typical weeks schedule attached as well as a list of items that our campers will need:

      Hockey helmet with full mask (loaners available)
      Hockey stick (loaners available) 
      Hockey or lacrosse gloves
      Lunch bag and water bottle with name clearly marked 
      Running shoes 
      Sunscreen/sunblock with campers name clearly written on it. We ask this stay at the camp until the end of the week so we can assure the campers are protected
      On Thursday a bathing suit, towel and water shoes (or shoes that can get wet) be aware that on Thursday's our campers will be in or involved with water
      *on Wednesdays we visit Adventure Village and their snack shop will be open (various lunch items, ice cream, cold drinks etc)
      *on Thursday's we attend Wild Water Works there is an opportunity to purchase lunch/snacks/beverages
      If you want to send your camper with money or send money to us for your camper to partake in these opportunities please let us know and we will make sure they get their desired food or beverages
      We also have a small “store” on the premises and sell chips, soda, Gatorade, freezies, candy etc 
      Chocolate bars that contain nuts are available for purchase at the “store” 


      Mon 9:00-10:00 Introduction to camp.
      10:00-11:30 Ball hockey training and games
      11:30 Clean up and bathroom break
      Noon-1:00 Lunch and free time to play games inside
      1:00-2:00 Soccer
      Bathroom/water break
      2:15-3:30 Various games/park/ dodge ball/ kickball
      3:30-4:00 Clean up and games on rink
      Tue 9:00-10:30 Ball hockey drills and games
      Bathroom break/ morning snack
      11:00-12:00 Various games/ park
      12:00-1:00 Lunch/ free time
      1:00-2:30 Dodgeball exhibition
      2:30-3:00 afternoon snack break 
      3:00-4:00 Various games 
      Wed 9:00-10:30 Ball hockey drills and games
      Bathroom /water break
      11:00-12:30 Adventure Village (laser tag/mini putt/batting
      cages/bumper cars/rock wall)
      12:30-1:00 Lunch at picnic area (lunch can be purchased
      or brought by camper as usual)
      1:00-3:30 Adventure Village
      3:30-4:00 return to rink/clean up/games on rink
      Thu 9:00-10:30 Ball hockey skills and games
      11:00-Wild Water Works 
      Noon-12:30 Lunch picnic area Wild Water Works 
      12:30-3:00 Wild Water Works 
      3:30-4:00 Return to rink Clean up/games on rink
      Fri —- The Hammer Sports Camp Weekly OLYMPIC GAMES
      Parents are invited to attend this event after lunch if they
      desire to cheer and take photos
      Camper's will compete at various games and events all day
      The OBHL and its sponsors will provide a Pizza party for ( cheese and pepperoni pizza and soda, water provided) Parents are asked to still send a
      morning/afternoon snack as well as water bottle and/or
      beverage as well as any food needed due to dietary
      3:00 AWARD CEREMONY week finale!!!

      We thank all of you for being part of our camp and can not wait to see everyone. There are still openings available in many of our weeks. Please pass the word. Cheers!!
      OBHL - Outdoor Ball Hockey League